Cherry Hill Residents:

All Cherry Hill residents are entitled to a free membership. Cards are issued for two (2) years.

Children of any age may get a library card at the discretion of their parent or guardian.

  • Parents must sign the application if the child is under 14
  • Children can sign their own card (if they are able)

Once your Cherry Hill Library card is issued, please bring it with you each time you visit the library. This will allow you to check out materials, use our convenient self-checkout stations, and access public computers and printers. If you don’t have your card, we can look up your information with your photo I.D. such as a driver's license. If you don’t have your library card or driver’s license you will not be able to check out materials or use the member computers.

Some Fees to Note:

  • DVD Rentals: $2 for 7 days
  • Video Game Rentals: $3 for one week
  • Interlibrary Loan: $2 per item
  • Printing from Computers: 15 cents per page (black & white), 50 cents per page (color)
  • Lost library card - $2.00 for replacement card

Non-resident Paid Membership:

There are three types of non-resident paid memberships.

  • Non-resident senior citizens who are 65 years old or over may pay $50 for a 1-year card. They must provide proof of age to get a card.  A card showing they receive Social Security or Medicare accepted. A senior citizen reduced fare card is acceptable also. A driver’s license will show date of birth.
  • Non-residents under 65 years of age have the option of paying $25 for a three (3) month membership, $50 for six (6) months or $100 for a full year.
  • Patrons who work in Cherry Hill but do not live in the township may purchase a card for $50. They must show a current pay stub or bring a letter from their employer saying they work in Cherry Hill. Cards are good for one year.

Non-Resident Free Cards:

Free cards are issued for one (1) year to the following non-residents:

  • All non-resident taxpayers of Cherry Hill, i.e. people who own property and pay taxes to the Township of Cherry Hill. Any adult members of the household may obtain a card.  They must show I.D. and proof of paying taxes.
  • All personnel of Cherry Hill schools, public and private (including Camden County College) but excluding commercial or trade schools.  They should present a photo I.D. card, pay stub or a letter from the school as proof.
  • All township employees including personnel from the Cherry Hill Police and Fire Department.
  • The head or owner of any business located in Cherry Hill.  They must show proof of ownership and must show I.D. with their home address.
  • All students attending public or private schools or colleges located in Cherry Hill.  Students must show I.D. with their home address and proof of attendance at the school.  A report card, tuition bill or school I.D. is acceptable. Parents must sign the application if the student is under 14.
  • All clergy whose church, temple or synagogue is located in Cherry Hill.   

NOTE: Current identification is always required whenever a library card is issued or renewed

Accepted Forms of ID for Proof of Residence

The following forms of identification are accepted by the Cherry Hill Public Library as proof of legal residence:

  • Valid New Jersey driver's license 
  • Valid motor vehicle registration 
  • Current automobile insurance card 
  • Past months utility bill (gas, electric, telephone, etc.) 
  • Past months bill from a major company (credit card, department store, etc.) 
  • Current Cherry Hill Township tax bill 
  • Cherry Hill High School ID card or current report card 
  • Current lease 
  • Mortgage documents 

All identification MUST be current (as in, not expired). Identification must have a name and a street address. In the case of a post office box address on all identification, the library will call the Camden County Board of Elections (open Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) to verify residence.