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Courage for Beginners

 by Holly Goldberg Sloan


Seventh grade is not turning out the way Mysti Murphy planned. Her best friend has abandoned her in order to hang out with the popular kids and Mysti is forced to eat lunch at the nerd table. But Mysti has even bigger problems at home. Her mother is an agoraphobic and Mysti's father has been the one to take care of everything   beyond their home.  But then her father is critically injured in a freak accident.  It's going to take a whole lot of courage for Mysti to deal with all of the problems seventh grade is throwing at her but if anyone can do it Mysti can!


Reviewed by: Alia




The Fourteenth Goldfish

 by Jennifer L. Holm


Imagine the possible. The message of this book is that no goal is out of reach and no dream is unreachable when hard work, intellect, and determination are applied. 

Ellie’s life has reached new levels of strangeness when her grandfather comes to live with her and her mother. He remains the same grumpy old man who is endlessly critical of Ellie’s mother, but there is something…different about him. Ellie’s grandfather has found the secret to reversing the aging process and his body is now that of a fourteen year old boy’s, pimples and all. Grandpa Melvin must enroll in high school while seeking to replicate his findings with the help of Ellie. Ellie finds that her life begins to take new directions under his influence as she explores what she thought was impossible for her.

The Fourteenth Goldfish is a light hearted romp through adolescence in which the idea of family becomes malleable and Ellie’s idea of who she is expands.


Reviewed by: Candace









 by Esther Ehrlich


Chirp is a young girl growing up on Cape Cod with her sister Rachel and her parents and is a wonderful story of friendship. Chirp doesn't really know the family next door, but she and Joey are in class together. Their friendship begins when Chirp's mom becomes ill. Both kids are really struggling with their home lives, but they are there for each other and accept that things are tough and they each need to deal with it in their own way. This is a sad book and better suited for an older reader.


Reviewed by: Kristin





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