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Come celebrate the 10th anniversary of the new Cherry Hill Public Library building with a library birthday party. Join us for birthday themed stories, crafts and games! All ages welcome!


Tuesday, April 14 :: 10 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

Conference Center, Lower Level

No registration required.






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by Jacqueline Jules


In these three short stories about life in the Martinez family, seven year old Sofia Martinez is a problem solver.  Sophia manages to find a way to stand out from her sisters, make a pinata for her Abuela's birthday, and re-capture a pet mouse - but not without some major mishaps along the way!

This fun early chapter book will appeal to fans of Fancy Nancy and Junie B. and as a bonus readers may learn some new Spanish vocabulary! 

Reviewed by: Alia 







The Princess in Black

 by Shannon and Dean Hale


After reading the Princess in Black, the word “princess” will have to be redefined. 

Princess Magnolia can serve hot chocolate and scones with the primmest of the prim but when trouble calls, and with a change of wardrobe, she can kick butt with the toughest, alongside her trusty steed Frimplepants, aka Blacky. 

When the big blue monster emerged from Monster Land to snack upon some delicious goats Princess Magnolia quickly switches into the Princess in Black mode to rescue the goats and the hapless goat herder.  This story emphasizes that being tough and being feminine are not mutually exclusive. 

Princess in Black will appeal to those who love all things princess as well as those who love to be the superhero.  Its short chapters and colorful illustrations make it a great book for emerging readers who are beginning to transition to chapter books. 


Reviewed by: Candace






Counting by 7’s

 by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Willow Chance is a twelve year old genius. Unfortunately, no one realizes this at home or at school and she doesn’t fit in.  She is starting a new school and hoping things will be better. After she scored a perfect score on an aptitude test, she is accused of cheating and she is sent to an inept counselor.  Dell Duke, her counselor, is the only one who realizes she is a genius and is very curious about her.  Tragedy strikes and Willow must face many new challenges. With these changes bring for the first time in her life people that she can consider to be friends. 


Reviewed by: Kristin





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