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Lulu and the Brontosaurus

 by Judith Viorst


Lulu is a little girl who is a big pain. As is the way of pains everywhere, Lulu can't stand to hear "no." So when her parents reject her request for a brontosaurus for her birthday things don't go well. Lulu screams, shouts, kicks, and flails. When that doesn't work she sets out into the woods to find a brontosaurus on her own. What's she doesn't expect is that there is a brontosaurus looking for her in those same woods and he really wants a little girl for a pet! This beginning chapter book will amuse readers of all ages!


Reviewed by: Alia





Mercy Watson to the Rescue

 by Kate DiCamillo


This series is one of my favorite. It is a great read aloud for parents to share with their child as well as an entertaining early chapter book for first and second graders. Mercy Watson is a pig who is not quite treated like a pig. After all, she sleeps on Mr. And Mrs. Watson's bed and her favorite snack is hot bettered toast. In Mercy Watson to the Rescue the floor cannot take the weight of the three Watsons all in bed together and the bed begins to fall through the floor! Mercy jumps off of the bed. Mr. and Mrs. Watson are joyous because they think she is going to find help, but she's actually in search of a midnight snack. Hilarity ensues when Mercy goes to the neighbors to see if Baby Lincoln, who loves Mercy, has a snack and Eugenia Lincoln, who thinks Mercy belongs in a barn, calls the police because Mercy is in her yard.


Reviewed by: Candace










 by David Wiesner


This illustration-only picture book weaves a wonderful, fanciful tale of a child's encounter with the ordinary and the extra-ordinary objects washed up on a beach.  Each colorful illustration is an artwork in itself depicting realistic and surreal subjects that are set in colorful, close perspective for readers to enjoy and imagine. It could be used as independent reading for younger children, parent-directed reading with comments, or an opportunity for the child to create their own story.  Children will love the bright, close-up pictures of sea creatures.  


Reviewed by: Barbara